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Traffic Violations

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Virginia Beach Traffic Attorney

Spirited defense to protect your driving privileges and insurance status

A moving violation has consequences beyond a stiff fine. Points on your license mean higher insurance rates and higher fines or even a suspension of your license for subsequent infractions. The court is not obligated to allow you to attend traffic school to clear your driving record, and in some cases, it is expressly prohibited. Fortunately, Messman Law, PLC can help with an assertive legal defense that rebuts the prosecution's case where it is weakest.

Legal knowledge and courtroom experience make all the difference

Everyone knows someone who has beaten a traffic ticket. They went into court hoping the citing officer would not show up and got lucky. Maybe the judge took an extra moment to look at the citation and saw that material information was missing that rendered it null and void. These things do occasionally happen. However, by going into court without thorough preparation and a strategy for defending the charges, you are treating your court appearance like a trip to the casino. An experienced criminal defense attorney with knowledge of traffic law and the court is a significant asset as you try to limit the damage done to our driving record and insurance coverage.

Generally, traffic violation cases are won on technicalities, which take knowledge of the law to understand and courtroom experience to communicate clearly and persuasively. For instance, red light cameras require posted warnings and regularly scheduled maintenance to be constitutionally valid. Yellow light intervals must adhere strictly to roadway standards. Radar instruments used to gauge speed must be recalibrated frequently. If you do not have a working knowledge of the technical aspects of traffic law, you are unprepared to defend yourself in court.

Have an experienced attorney with you for all court appearances

Having experienced VA Beach lawyers appear with you in court delivers substantive and strategic advantages, but also helps you make a more favorable impression. Citizens who defend themselves in court risk appearing impulsive and arrogant. Even those who are trained in public speaking do not know the protocols and practices of the courtroom. A skilled Virginia Beach traffic attorney knows how to assert your rights and challenge witnesses, while still maintaining the proper deference to the court. This combination of skills greatly enhances your prospects for a favorable outcome.

Contact our reliable traffic violation defense attorney in Virginia Beach

Messman Law, PLC defends clients from Norfolk to Virginia Beach and throughout the Chesapeake region in traffic violation cases. To schedule a confidential consultation, call me at or contact the office online.


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