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Providing Skilled Legal Assistance After a Robbery in Virginia

Fighting for the rights of the accused through 200 jury trials

A robbery conviction can change your life in ways you may not expect. Unlike theft or burglary, robbery involves the use of force to take someone’s property, making it a far more serious charge with much harsher penalties.  At Messman Law, PLC, we help clients accused of robbery in Virginia Beach by aggressively defending them in court.

Learn more about what constitutes a Virginia robbery charge

There are varying degrees of robbery, and the monetary value of the property stolen affects how the charges are levied.  If you’re convicted of petty larceny, a misdemeanor, you may end up doing time in a county jail. Those accused of grand larceny, however, face felony charges.  A felony conviction may include prison time as well as hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines.  People convicted of felonies also lose certain rights as citizens.

Because robbery is a “face-to-face” crime, the penalties are more severe. Its use of force and intimidation make it a felony charge. Armed robbery involves the use of a weapon during the course of the theft, which automatically raises the stakes for the accused.

Let our experience help you beat a robbery charge

We have the years of experience needed to successfully defend clients accused of robbery.

  • Arrests made after the fact. If you were arrested or detained somewhere other than the crime scene, we investigate how that identification was made.  We scrutinize police records and depositions.
  • Unreliable witness testimony. You may have been a part of an unfair lineup or face prejudice because you were seen in the back of a police car. We examine the circumstances surrounding your case to uncover weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.
  • Court martial cases. Mykell Messman is a military wife and mother who understands what it takes to fight the UCMJ. Our firm routinely helps enlisted soldiers who face criminal accusations.

At Messman Law, we handle even the most complex cases involving robbery charges.  Our criminal law firm offers superior legal service for anyone accused of a Virginia Beach robbery, including military members on active or reserve duty.

Speak with a dedicated Virginia Beach robbery defense lawyer today

We believe that you’re innocent until proven guilty. At Messman Law, we offer comprehensive legal services to help defend you against charges of robbery or theft.  To speak with a criminal defense lawyer who stands by you, contact our firm online or call us at 757-340-5800 to schedule an appointment.