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Criminal Defense Strategy

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About Our Criminal Defense Strategy at Messman Law

Discover how a Virginia Beach criminal defense attorney can help you

There are lawyers who take criminal defense cases, and then there are criminal defense lawyers. At Messman Law, PLC, we belong to the second group. As your attorney, I focus on criminal defense, standing shoulder to shoulder with my clients. When you’re seeking legal advice from an attorney who sees you as a person, not a charge, Messman Law should be your choice.

Information is power

At Messman Law, I believe that an informed client is the best client. I know that you might be frightened or angry and empathize with you when you’re facing overwhelming choices. I consider it my duty to help you sift through those choices to discover which options work best for you. By eliminating bad choices or unnecessary information, I can help you feel less stressed and more prepared to stand up to the challenges you face.

You can reach us when you need us the most

When you’re facing charges of a serious crime, it’s important that you have access to your lawyer. I make myself accessible to my clients in any way I can:

  • I’ll visit you at home or in jail. Sometimes you can’t come to me — so I’ll always come to you if you’re unable to come to my office.  I make it a point to be where you are, by your side from the bond hearing through the trial.
  • I’m always ready to fight for you. I don’t send associates to do my job in the courtroom. If we go to trial, I’m the one fighting tooth and nail to reduce or eliminate your charges.
  • I keep my costs lower so you can afford the best possible defense. I want every one of my clients to have access to the best possible Virginia Beach criminal defense lawyer.  I don’t charge exorbitant fees or bill you for unnecessary work. You never have to worry about not being able to see me because you can’t afford it.

Everyone is entitled to a fair trial. You deserve a lawyer who defends your rights. When you want the help of a criminal defense attorney who has more than 200 jury trials to her credit, it’s time to call Messman Law.

Contact Messman Law, PLC today to discuss your criminal defense needs

You’re more than the charges against you. At Messman Law, we stand by our clients from start to finish, providing superior legal services at a price you can afford.  Contact our firm online or call us at 757-340-5800 to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.