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Criminal Defense

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Virginia Beach Criminal Attorney

Aggressive defense to misdemeanor and felony charges

An arrest can be the beginning of a long nightmare. Or it can be a brief ordeal that you emerge from with minimal damage to your reputation and your finances. Given that a conviction, and subsequent loss of your liberty, can have agonizing consequences for you and be financially ruinous for your family, you need a strong attorney who can provide the vigorous defense your situation requires. Messman Law, PLC delivers positive results for clients facing various misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

Virginia Beach criminal lawyer stands at your side from arrest to resolution

Messman Law, PLC in Virginia Beach provides close personal legal services from the moment you call until the final disposition of your charges. No matter the charges you are faced with, you need an attorney standing shoulder to shoulder with you for every court appearance and every law enforcement interview. Messman Law, PLC makes your case a top priority. I am with you at every crucial turn. I thoroughly investigate your case to prepare detailed challenges to the prosecution. If a plea and sentencing settlement is appropriate, I negotiate from a position of strength to ensure that you get the benefit of any "bargain”. When a trial is necessary to protect your constitutional rights and your liberty, I will utilize any and all procedural and substantive challenges that might give rise to reasonable doubt.

Experience managing a wide range of criminal charges in Virginia Beach

Our Virginia Beach and Norfolk criminal attorneys have successfully represented defendants at trial for non-violent and violent crimes; including drug crimes, assault and battery, DUI/DWI and domestic violence. Our Virginia Beach traffic attorney assists motorists with moving violations that involve high fines and license suspensions, which can threaten clients’ auto insurance through excessive premium increases or cancellations. I work hard to minimize the impact of your arrest, and even help clients who have already been convicted obtain legal expungements to clear their records.

Contact a reliable criminal defense attorney in Virginia Beach

Messman Law, PLC defends clients from Norfolk to Virginia Beach and throughout the Chesapeake region on a wide range of criminal charges. To schedule a confidential consultation, call me at or contact the  office online.

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