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What Happens When You Refuse a Breath Test in a DUI Stop?

When stopped for DUI (driving under the influence), drivers are often concerned about whether or not to submit to a breath test. The best way to decide about a breath test is to consult with a Virginia Beach DUI lawyer. However, in some cases, that may not be possible. Here are some facts you should… Read More »

The Difference Between Expunging and Sealing a Criminal Record in Virginia

Criminal records are open to the public ― anyone can look up a person’s arrests, convictions and even browse through court documents if they choose to do so. Even if a person was not convicted of a crime, an arrest record can affect one’s ability to find a job, rent an apartment and otherwise lead… Read More »

What are Drug Schedules and Penalties for Marijuana Possession in Virginia?

Potential penalties for controlled substance possession vary depending on the classification of the drug and the amount in possession. When you face prosecution for drug possession, a Virginia drug crime attorney can provide a vigorous defense to protect your rights. Under Virginia Code Chapter 34 Drug Control Act, different classifications of drugs, called schedules, are… Read More »

What is a Wobbler and How Does this Apply to Your Criminal Defense?

How authorities charge you for a crime can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case. Whenever possible, a Virginia Beach criminal defense attorney applies case strategies to help you avoid more serious charges. A “wobbler” is a crime that can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. For example, take the… Read More »

How Can Expungement Make a Difference in My Life?

When you are arrested in Virginia, even when acquitted, you acquire a criminal record. However, through expungement, you can have arrests and related court proceedings vacated. A Virginia Beach expungement attorney can help you expunge your record. The Virginia Code on expungement allows anyone with a case dismissal or acquittal to expunge their record. Persons… Read More »