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What is a Criminal Record?

Many people do not realize that even when their arrest did not lead to conviction, they still have a criminal record. This is particularly unfair for the innocent person that a jury acquits or for whom the prosecution drops its charges because it realizes that officers arrested the wrong person. By consulting a Virginia Beach expungement attorney, you can find out about vacating or sealing arrest records and related court proceedings. Read More »

How Knowledge about Your Constitutional Rights Goes a Long Way When Facing Criminal Charges

When you face criminal charges, your freedom, reputation and livelihood are on the line. While you should have an excellent Norfolk criminal defense attorney at your side for each step of the criminal justice process, there are initially certain rights you should understand. Read More »

What Factors Do Virginia Courts Consider When Dividing Marital Property?

When going into a divorce, you want to know what to expect ― at least as much as possible. Couples typically have concerns about Virginia Beach property division and, many times, they can reach a fair settlement outside of court. Read More »

Alternative Dispute Resolution in a Divorce Case

If you want to get divorced but also want to avoid a court battle, consider alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  ADR generally provides a more amicable method for resolving issues that arise in a divorce case and is usually less costly and quicker. There are different forms of ADR, including mediation and collaborative divorce. Read More »

What Do the Terms “Divorce from Bed and Board” and “Divorce from the Bond of Matrimony” Mean?

Legal terms along with the statutes governing a divorce can be confusing. For this reason, legal guidance from a Virginia Beach divorce lawyer is vital for spouses when considering divorce. A knowledgeable lawyer can provide you with explanations and valuable advice for navigating the legal system. Read More »

What Happens When You Refuse a Breath Test in a DUI Stop?

When stopped for DUI (driving under the influence), drivers are often concerned about whether or not to submit to a breath test. The best way to decide about a breath test is to consult with a Virginia Beach DUI lawyer. However, in some cases, that may not be possible. Read More »

The Difference Between Expunging and Sealing a Criminal Record in Virginia

Criminal records are open to the public ― anyone can look up a person’s arrests, convictions and even browse through court documents if they choose to do so. Even if a person was not convicted of a crime, an arrest record can affect one’s ability to find a job, rent an apartment and otherwise lead a normal life. However, there are instances when a criminal record may be protected from public viewing. Read More »

What are Drug Schedules and Penalties for Marijuana Possession in Virginia?

Potential penalties for controlled substance possession vary depending on the classification of the drug and the amount in possession. When you face prosecution for drug possession, a Virginia drug crime attorney can provide a vigorous defense to protect your rights. Read More »

What is a Wobbler and How Does this Apply to Your Criminal Defense?

How authorities charge you for a crime can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case. Whenever possible, a Virginia Beach criminal defense attorney applies case strategies to help you avoid more serious charges. Read More »

How Can Expungement Make a Difference in My Life?

When you are arrested in Virginia, even when acquitted, you acquire a criminal record. However, through expungement, you can have arrests and related court proceedings vacated. A Virginia Beach expungement attorney can help you expunge your record. Read More »